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Plugin SketchUp and 3Windows

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Click Window 3D

An extension SketchUp for you to create your Windows in 3D.

First, we thank Trimble, who allows young companies to create tools for SketchUp! 

Thanks to this, and the success of our Plugin " Click-Kitchen IKEA ", we are now pleased to introduce Click-Window 3D.

What is Click Window 3D?


It is an extension to SketchUp 

used to create your windows in 3D, with just a few clicks.


Why have we developed this tool?


To respond to a need, and to allow all 3D users

to save valuable time.


Describe Click-Window 3D


Through a control panel that operates

with images, Click-Window 3D is very simple to use.

Everything is customizable! 

The quantity of windows from Casement to Fanlight, Sill, Glazing Stop, Glass Type, Handle Type etc... 

For 100% customizable windows.

Click-Window 3D US

1001 Windows 3D 

Unique Collection for All 3D Software

3ds max
Cinema 4D
Blender 3D

Looking for 3D Windows of High Quality?


You will find here a complete collection of 1001 Windows 3D.

The 5 most used categories in the world are offered in a single 3D pack!

Windows and door-windows such as French, Sliding, Hung, Crank and Panoramic, are at your fingertips.


Do you want Customized 3D Models?


In this case you could opt for the plugin Click Window 3D, and then export your 3D Window using SketchUp features.

SKP , DAE or KMZ are the formats proposed by the Free version of the software.

Want to download Free and unconditional one of our 3D models?

Click HERE to start downloading. ;-)

OBJ, FBX, and SKP 3D formats are offered, to ensure compatibility with all 3D software.

1001 Fenêtres US

Contact Us

Need information about our products or services?

Or just want to support us?

Leave a comment below :-) 

Don't hesitate, contact us! 

David Barros

Message received!

Nous Contacter US
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